George Tscherny “The Mark” Tribute

c. 2024 - 3M Reflective Plastisol Ink on Los Angeles Apparel 14oz Heavyweight Crewneck Sweatshirt

This sweatshirt features the iconic “Flower” logo created by George Tscherny for the college’s 50th anniversary on the front and a description of Tscherny’s process of creating it on the back.

Design assets were scanned and vectorized directly from the 50th anniversary branding booklet found at the SVA archives - the back of the sweatshirt also features the tag “G.T. WAS HERE” in Tscherny’s own handwriting scanned and vectorized from his “Pull And Let Go” brochure.

Photographed in Tscherny’s studio on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and modeled by his daughter Carla and grandson Max.